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Thank You

We have the trailer!!! - made in Parker CO and it is beautiful inside and out. It has already hauled 2 large loads of donated dog food from the Springs as well as some fine donated kennels for small dogs. The trailer will serve the Society for years to come and many, many homeless dogs will get to live and have loving homes because of it.

Our deepest thanks to Gary whose offer to match any money we could raise for a trailer initiated the trailer project and gave us hope that we could in fact buy a trailer. Thanks Babbet.

We are deeply grateful to all of you named below who made this trailer possible. The many, many dogs whose lives this trailer will help save over the years would give you their deepest thanks If they could speak.

Joy & Laddie B, Catherine B, Colleen & David B, Elizabeth F, Sandra G, Wendy H, Rosana H, Pamela & Thomas J, Elaine J, Darlene K, Michael H, Cheryl L, Jeff & Kim L, Melissa M, Audra P, Sandy P, Lindsay & Larry R, Emily S, Gayla T, Gorganna &
Michael T, Janet W, Barbara W.

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