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The Lori Schubert Animal Shelter

of the San Luis Valley Animal Welfare Society


Our shelter is now named

in honor of Lori Schubert.


Throughout her life Lori was deeply committed to helping homeless animals.  She went to great lengths

to ensure every homeless animal she encountered got the love and care needed to live a good life. 

Lori fostered many homeless dogs and cats when no one else could.  Lori was one of us for many years

giving of her time, to make the lives of the shelter dogs better (collecting and buying blankets, towels,

collars, carriers beds, chewies - anything the dogs needed) and Lori and Rick made regular

generous donations to keep the Society going through lean times.


Over the years Lori helped hundreds of once homeless dogs live more comfortably at the

shelter and find loving, forever homes.  One of the homeless was Charlie Brown the labradoodle adopted

by Lori and Rick.  Charlie Brown and Lori were never apart - he followed her everywhere.


The dogs had no better friend than Lori and they returned her affection. 

If they could speak every one of them would tell Lori how deeply they appreciated her efforts for them.

Dogs are the most grateful of creatures on earth.


All of us at the Society miss Lori’s cheerful presence, ever-present helping hand,

and her kind and supportive words.

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