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Adoption Fair Every Saturday in Colorado Springs

11am-3pm at PetCo 

5020 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

SLVAWS adoption fair

If an adopted animal turns out to not fit your home we glady take him/her back and provide a full refund. We want all familes to enjoy their new companions and all animals to enjoy their new homes.

When you adopt one of our animals, you get not only years of

faithful companionship, but also the satisfaction of knowing that more homeless dogs/cats like these get a chance at life & love.

We bring a large selection of adoptable animals (dogs, & puppies).

We have many marvelous mixed breed and pure breed dogs.

All animals are healthy and have had all their vaccinations. Puppies are at risk for the deadly virus disease Parvo. All our Puppies have had age appropriate Parvo vaccinations.

(Parvo is widespread in the Colorado Springs area.)

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