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Lori Schubert Animal Shelter

If you know a dog or puppy that needs a loving home.

Call/Text 719-587-9663 (woof)

or email

SLVAWS award

The San Luis Valley Animal Welfare Society is a nonprofit (501c3) all volunteer organization (only 1 person paid to clean our shelter). Our primary mission is to improve the well being of animals (primarily dogs and cats) in the San Luis Valley (SLV).


The San Luis Valley is the largest alpine valley in the world (roughly the size of Connecticut). It is also the poorest region of Colorado (1/3 of the residents in the county our shelter is in live below the poverty level. Our extensive spay/neuter program has reduced the number of homeless animals in this valley. And we have provided many many families with fine companion animals.

We have rescued and found loving homes for over 10,000 homeless, often suffering dogs and cats in the past 21 years and have received numerous grants for spay/ neutering dogs and cats to reduce the number of homeless and abused animals in the San Luis Valley.

all dogs deserve a forever loving home
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